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The Adaptive Enterprise:

Can your application platform cope with a crisis?

Wednesday 19th January 2022 – 2pm CET

Online Event


Want to increase developer productivity by 80% or more? Looking to build your organizations’ kubernetes platform? Struggling to modernize how your organization builds software? Attend this talk to learn the proven, new approach to building your enterprise architecture: platform as a product. Companies like Netflix, Daimler, Amazon, HSBC, British Telecom and Thales use this approach to gain new business and software development capabilities

Their secret is both business and technology leaders play a central role in creating the capacities and capabilities of an adaptive enterprise. Building a flexible culture and application-aware platforms without losing the controls needed to ensure security and long-term portfolio health, capitalizing on technology-driven innovation, and anticipating customer needs are key levers.

Join Forrester Research analysts and VMware experts, as they explore the importance of best in class app-aware platform strategies as the building blocks to unlock IT value – fast.


During the session you will learn:

  • Why falling technology-enabled productivity, rising digital sameness and growing technical debt requires a new approach to IT
  • How platform-thinking delivers IT value at scale for modern applications from the cloud to the edge
  • What a product-centric culture can offer in terms of best practices for delivering customer-centric solutions and reducing the friction between business and technology teams

Richard Buckley

Senior Director

VMware Tanzu

Michael Cote

Staff Technologist


Sarah Gee

Principal Consultant

Forrester Research

Diego Lo Giudice

VP & Principal Analyst

Forrester Research

Iain Mobberly


VMware Tanzu Labs


Wednesday 19th January 2022 | 2pm – 3pm CET

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VMware Tanzu is a family of products and services for modernizing your applications and infrastructure with a common goal: deliver better software to production, continuously.

The portfolio simplifies multi-cloud operations, while freeing developers to move faster and access the right resources for building the best applications. VMware Tanzu enables development and operations’ teams to work together in new ways that deliver transformative business results.

With the VMware Tanzu portfolio, you can modernize at your own pace. Build new, cloud-native applications. Containerize existing workloads to run in the cloud for quick gains in security and manageability. Rearchitect and rewrite existing, business critical software to be continuously delivered and resilient. And run and manage your apps consistently on a secure, scalable infrastructure bolstered by a conformant Kubernetes runtime everywhere.

The VMware Tanzu portfolio offers full-stack software modernization brought to you by the pioneer of the software- defined data center.

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